• Welcome to 6th Grade Band

    Online Resources as of Tuesday, March 17 for at home distance learning

    • Google Classroom, stay connected for updates, assignments and helpful resources
      • 6th grade band class code: bw2cauh
    • Flipgrid, view, share, download and receive teacher feedback on videos for Scale and Rhythm Chunks exercises
    • Smartmusic FREE student subscription, use as practice tool, or check off playing quizzes for Standard of Excellence books
      • go to https://admin.smartmusic.com/join 
      • enter class code: N36CF-LMLA6,
      • fill out info (make sure to include a backup email),
      • check email for activation (please email me to give notice that you joined, it may need teacher approval)
      • look for posted assignments and use search function for supplemental music and extra sight reading!
    • Sheet music you should currently have in binders
      • Riverbend Rhapsody
      • Rockin' Rondeau pg 38 in SOE red book 1
      • Harry Potter
      • Alarm
      • Bb Band Basics
      • Eb Band Basics
      • F Band Basics
    • Missing something? email me at bettyjeanequimby@solonboe.org and I will send parts electronically!


    • Why play in band? Because it is fun! It enhances team building skills, creates a sense of community, develops motor skills and muscle memory. Overall it's about the experience of making music with other people and the joy it brings society
    • Who will teach? Specials: Mrs. Quimby assisted by music tutor Mr. Wohlschlager, Activity Period: Mrs. Quimby assisted by Ms. DeLine
    • Where do Specials lessons and full band meet? Specials will meet in Mrs. Quimby's room 214. There will be opportunities for pull out sectionals and additional help with the music tutor Mr. Wohlschlager. Full band will meet in the band room M,T,W,F and in the trailers room 213,214 on Thursdays.
    • When and where are the 6th grade band concerts? Monday, November 11, 2019 at 7pm  in the Orchard Gym, Wednesday, January 22, at 7pm in SHS Auditorium and Tuesday, June 2, at 7pm on the Orchard playground.
    • What will we be learning? Students will finish learning concepts in the red book during the first three quarters and perform concepts in the blue book during fourth quarter. Concepts will be taught in Specials classes and reinforced during Activity Period along with sheet music for performances. Students will also be practicing rhythm reading and counting in the Scale and Rhythm Chunks book. Grades will be determined by how many exercises are completed during each semester, playing quizzes on concert music and participation during class (including having all materials).


    • Standard of Excellence Book 1
    • Scale and Rhythm Chunks by Richard Canter
    • 1/2" three ring binder to keep sheet music organized
    • Standard of Excellence Book 2 (second semester)


    • Be a positive and integral part of the ensemble.
    • Have your instrument, Standard of Excellence book, Scale and Rhythm Chunks book, 3-ring binder with sheet music inside at each rehearsal.
    • Put forth best effort and focus during instructional time.
    • Practice the concepts learned at home and during structured practice time in class. Building muscle memory is a key factor in steady progress.
    • Be willing to help other band members, or have the patience to move at the pace of the group. (there will be times that you need extra help and times when a concept comes easy, everyone plays an important role in the ensemble)
    • Challenge yourself often and keep your best foot forward! You’re better than you were yesterday because you’re always making progress, even if you don’t see instant results!


    Please direct any questions to Mrs. Quimby: bettyjeanequimby@solonboe.org