• Welcome to 6th Grade Band

    • Why play in the band? Because it is fun! It enhances team-building skills, creates a sense of community, unlocks creativity, develops motor skills and muscle memory. Overall, it's about the experience of making music with other people, appreciating the arts and the joy it brings society.  
    • Who teaches the band classes? Ms.DeLine and Mr. Siebert 
    • When will we have band class? Students will have band during their music specials rotation. In addition, band students will have band class one to five times per week during activity period, depending on their individual schedules. 
    • What will we be learning? Students will continue learning concepts in Standard of Excellence, book 1, along with additional creative ways to express themselves through instrumental performance. Students will also be practicing rhythm reading through playing and clapping and counting. Grades will be determined by in-class assessment and participation. 
    • How will you perform and be assessed? Students will have multiple ways of "showing what they know" during small group instruction with individual performance opportunities. Our goal is to realistically meet the needs of all band students in a variety of ways while focusing on each 1-week specials rotation.


    • Standard of Excellence Book 1
    • Music Folder (provided)
    • Pencil


    • Be a positive and integral part of the ensemble.
    • Have your instrument, Standard of Excellence book, folder, and pencil. 
    • Put forth your best effort and focus during instructional time.
    • Practice the concepts learned at home and during structured practice time in class. Building muscle memory is a key factor in steady progress.
    • Be willing to help other band members, or have the patience to move at the pace of the group. (There will be times that you need extra help and times when a concept comes easy. Everyone plays an important role in the ensemble!)
    • Challenge yourself often and keep your best foot forward! You’re better than you were yesterday because you’re always making progress, even if you don’t see instant results! 

    Please direct any questions to Ms. DeLine: stephaniedeline@solonboe.org or Mr. Siebert: trentsiebert@solonboe.org

    Instrument Rental Information:

    Academy Music Company

    Chagrin Valley Music

    Music & Arts