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    Below is a message from Mrs. Parillo:

    Do you write stories in your free time?  Do you create comic books just because you like them?  Do you tinker with filters and lenses to capture the perfect shot of everyday objects?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, or consider yourself a creative person with a personal project, then the Comet's Tale needs YOU!  

     The Comet's Tale is Solon Middle School's very own creative magazine, filled with content from talented SMS students like you!  This year's theme to inspire your creativity is "Everyday Extraordinaries." Your submission can align with this theme or not -- totally up to you!  

     If you would like to be a published writer or artist, please submit a copy of your work to Mrs. Parillo in room 119 or to valerieparillo@solonschools.net with the subject line "Comet's Tale." The sooner you submit, the sooner you will be guaranteed a spot in the magazine.  Please contact Mrs. Parillo with any questions.  Thank you, everyone!