Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Edie

My name is Alison (Ali) Edie pronounced ee dee.  For the last three years I’ve been going by Mrs. Krohe pronounced Kroy.  Krohe is my husband's last name and I’ve never legally changed mine.  I was always indifferent about changing mine in the first place but went along with it when one of my staff members started calling me that.  I have officially decided not to change it.  I feel like Edie is easier to say for most of my kiddos and I’m sticking with it.  Sorry for any confusion but the kids will call me Miss Edie.

I’ve been working in the Solon City Schools since November of 2008.  This will be my eighth year at Orchard Middle School.  I have an undergraduate degree in teaching children with mild-moderate special needs from Bowling Green State University and a Master of Science in teaching children with severe special needs from Simmons College in Boston.

My goal is to provide a positive learning environment for your child.  I begin my yearly planning by creating a zoning plan which provides the appropriate staff supervision needed for each child.  I train my staff to implement intervention plans within activities and academics throughout the day.

I’m looking forward to the school year!  Please contact me with any questions at .