• Phys. Ed. Warm-up exercises

    Phys. Ed. Warm-up exercises


    Line jumps

    Side to side hops

    Ski jumps - motion like cross country skiing with a jump

    Jumping jacks

    Speed skaters – lateral jump side to side but bring leg behind on landing and opposite arm

    Jump rope (w/out rope)

    Front kicks

    Side kicks

    1-2-3 sprints – run and count to 3, stop and touch the floor – do the same thing back to start position

    180 degree jumps – squat jump with a half turn




    Leap frog jumps

    Kareoka – grapevine

    High knees

    Jack knives

    Log jumps

    Knee raises (standing oblique twist)


    Plank/push-up position exercises – hands directly under shoulders, head in line with body, body straight

    Mountain climbers

    Plank twists

    Plank jacks - hands stay in place, feet go out and in

    Spidermans  - knees come up toward outside of same elbow

    Walk the plank – switch from regular plank to forearm plank

    Hold plank – either on hands or forearms

    Plank side reach – lift one arm and reach it straight up, then switch

    Power push-ups – start standing, bend and walk hands out to a push-up position and then do a push-up –walk

                                                                    back up to standing position


    Plank toe taps

    Around the world push-ups

    Walking push-ups (travel left and right)

    Wiper plank

    Uneven push-ups


    Abdominal exercises

     Regular full sit-ups


    Toe touches – legs straight up, reach for toes

    Knee up crunches

    Bicycle crunches – right elbow to left knee then left elbow to right knee

    Oblique crunches – get in regular sit-up position but drop legs to one side


    Sprinkler (knees bent, sitting up but leaning back in V position, arms out to side – rotate one arm like a sprinkler to slap the other hand)

    Curl-ups (fitness test)


    Active Stretching

    Torso twist – stand with arms up reach down and touch opposite foot, do other side (standing all the way up

                                                                    each time


    Forward lunges

    Reverse lunges

    Walking lunges

    Side to side lunges


    Burpees – standing to squat position to push-up position – hop back up to stand

    Arm circles (wind mills)

    Arm crosses (hugs)

    Supermans – lie on belly and lift feet and arms at the same time

    Inch worm (walk hands out to plank – walk feet towards hands trying to keep knees straight or almost straight)

    Moving pretzel

    Leg swings (standing – rotate leg in circle counterclockwise

    Dead man flop (lay on back arm out to sides – swing left leg to rt arm and rt. leg to left arm


    There may be some additional ones that I do and some days I will have them use equipment (medicine balls, wts., bands, etc.) and we may do some sport specific warm-ups as well…example – dribbling 3 laps during the basketball unit.



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