• Course Description

    It is an expectation that students who enroll in English 9 Honors possess a solid command of grammar and sentence structure, as well as an elevated vocabulary. Students’ previous work in English classes must illustrate a desire and aptitude for reading many genres, both for personal interest and for literary study. Therefore, they possess strong literal and inferential skills as well as the ability to convey their ideas in formal essays. While in English 9 Honors, students will complete assignments in which they exemplify comprehension and analysis of Greek literature, poetry, classic and modern novels, and various forms of nonfiction. In addition, the writing component of the class will present students with the challenge of responding to complex prompts which require that students demonstrate organization, complex sentence structure, the ability to integrate quotations, and the support of theses. Students are required to purchase various works of literature which will become a part of their personal library. Digital vocabulary and grammar program fee.



    For Honors English 9, please bring a fully charged Chromebook, whichever novel we are currently reading, a 1.5 inch binder with 5 tabs, paper, writing utensils (pens/pencils/highlighters), and a supply of sticky notes if students choose not to purchase copies of the books.  (The sticky notes are necessary if the student is not annotating directly into a copy of the novel.)  Plus, two summer reading books:  World Mythology for Beginners by Zachary Hamby and and Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman.