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  • Welcome Letter

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  • Dress Code

    We are very excited about the continued development of our vocational program at Solon High School and have been working to develop new and varied job training experiences for students as well as curriculum to teach critical soft skills necessary in all work environments. Students will begin going to their job training sites the week of August 22nd.  This year, students will be required to wear a work uniform every day to promote professionalism on the job. 

    The uniform for the 16-17 school year is:
    Khaki, navy blue, or black pants, pressed.  NO JEANS OR SHORTS.
    Solid color polo shirt, pressed.
    Tennis shoes or rubber soled shoes, toes covered.  NO SANDALS OR FLIPFLOPS.
    Please note:  Students not in dress code will stay back at Solon High School to work on employability and soft skills.  They will NOT be permitted to go to community-based work site for the day.

    For students who want to wear a different outfit while they are in school, they will be given time to change into their work clothes. For students arriving to school later in the morning (close to 7:45), these students should wear their uniform to school. Extra/alternative clothes can still be brought to change into after work. In order to optimize our time at the work sites, we will be leaving promptly at 7:45 every morning, so it is important that students are at school on time and ready for work.

    If a student does forget his/her clothes, however, parents will not be permitted to bring them to school during the school day. 

    We will have incentives for students who are in dress code and have good attendance; they will be recognized for perfect attendance and wearing uniforms every day.

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  • Rubric

    These are the main skills we will be working on across vocational settings. These skills will be rated on a scale with independence being the highest score.

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