• Per2 Music Theory 2021-2022

    Google Classroom Code - ahng2nf

    The course objective is to help each student attain college entry level skills in the areas of general theory, sight-reading, sight-singing, ear training, composition and arranging.

    Activities include sight reading melodies in major and minor keys using solfege syllables, and multiple ear-training exercises. 

    For the ear training portion, students will train in the recognition of intervals, scales, triads, and seventh chords.

    Students will be able to use and develop their new skills in their own area of interest, whether it be in original composition, arranging music for vocal or instrumental groups, improving performance abilities or merely supplying a harmonic background while at the piano or guitar.

    $17.00 Workbook fee - workbooks will be distributed to students on the first day of school.  The fee will be billed to students.