• Solon Strength Teambuildr AXAZ-X9PT H5R3A2GG



    If you DO NOT have a HIGH SCHOOL Teambuildr Account set up during COACH COLEY's TIME AS SOLON STRENGTH COACH. 



    1. Download the Teambuildr App to your phone.

    2. Enter the Join Code: AXAZ-X9PT  and Password: H5R3A2GG

    3. Complete the profile information.  

            A. You MUST put a photo of your face.

            B. In the block for your last name it should be enter with your Grade in front of your last name eg.   (9) Smith       DO NOT PUT THE GRADE AFTER YOUR FIRST.

            C.  Make sure you have your Gender, Phone number entered, and Notification turned on.


    4. Once you have this information entered, hit SUBMIT.   From this point on, your EMAIL and Password you choose will be the way you log in to TEAMBUILDR. 


    It is important you check Teambuildr to make sure your athletes are entered correctly and are assigned to your sport. 

    1. Give new athletes that are confirmed to now have teambuildr a Deadline to sign up. 

    2. Once they are signed up.

    •  Go to Coach Tools
    • Manage users
    • Groups > Select the EDIT button for your Sports.  
    • in the Availble Column type the first few letters of your NEW Athletes Name... If it pops up in Availble then click it and they will be moved to your GROUP aka YOUR TEAM.

    3. After you have completed pulling athletes over, you MUST go to COACH TOOLS > MANAGE USER > ATHLETES > select the FILITER BUTTON in the RIGHT CORNER to your Sports. 

    4. From here, you need to look to see if every athlete: A. Has a PHOTO, B. Has their Grade correctly infront of their Last Name. And Then you will need to see if their CALENDER COLUMN is selected for your SPORT.  Once this process is complete the STRENGTH COACH WILL UPDATE ALL ATHLETES IN YOUR GROUPS TEAMBUILDR CALENDER.