• Welcome to 5th-Grade Band! 

    During our time together in Music Specials, your student was introduced to the band instrument choices for this year: flute, clarinet, trumpet, and trombone. The students will have the opportunity to audition to switch to other instruments (saxophone, percussion, etc.) at a later date.  We have provided links to videos of professional performers for each instrument at the end of this email to help your student decide which instrument they want to play. 


    While the program may look a little different this year, we are committed to providing a fun, safe environment for students to learn an instrument. While we are “all-virtual”, we will utilize break-out rooms in Zoom to group students by instrument and provide as much individualized instruction as time allows. As we transition into the school building, students who choose to be in person will be kept within their homeroom groups for instruction.

    Start dates for 5th grade Band by Music Specials Rotation Homerooms*:

    Webb, Bunge, Joseph, Harrison - A Rotation - October 26 

    Galvin, Meyer, Lyons, Reisner, Koelsh, Ross - B Rotation - November 16 

    Tomko, Elliott, Benedict, Rohrer, Martin-Clay - C Rotation - December 7

    What do we do now?


    1. After you have reviewed the instrument choices with your student and have decided on your participation status, please fill out the following Google Form by Monday, October 19th to let us know whether or not your student will be participating: 2020-2021 Orchard Band Participation Form 
    2. Acquire an instrument. If you own an instrument, please make sure it is in good working order. If you are interested in instrument rentals, we have provided links to a few companies that we recommend. 
    3. Purchase the books and supplies for your instrument:
      1. Standard of Excellence, book 1 
      2. Scale and Rhythm Chunks book by Richard Canter
      3. Flute only: cleaning rod and a small, soft cloth (can be an old t-shirt)
      4. Clarinet only: Rico or Rico Royal 2.5 clarinet reeds, cork grease, swab
      5. Trumpet only: valve oil
      6. Trombone only: Yamaha trombone slide lubricant

    Important Links:


    2020-2021 Orchard Band Participation Form (please fill out by October 19th)


    Recommended Music Stores (for rental instruments and supplies):


    Academy Music Company

    Rettig Music

    Chagrin Valley Music


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

    Contact information:

    Stephanie DeLine: stephaniedeline@solonboe.org

    Bettyjeane Quimby: bettyjeanequimby@solonboe.org


    First quarter General Music info 

    Please join the 5th-grade music Google Classroom (https://classroom.google.com/) for your homeroom: 

     Webb (5B1) and Bunge (5B2): n6sgvif

    Joseph (5A1) and Harrison (5A2): 5ihg7hz

    Galvin (5D1) and Meyer (5D2): ek5sol6

    Lyons (5C1) and Reisner (5C2): laeoii2

    Tomko (5B3) and Elliott (5D3): u7wnxnb

    Benedict (5A3) and Rohrer (5C3): 3ryzspw

    Koelsch (5E1) and Ross (5E2): 3nr6w6w

    Martin-Clay (5E3): gh735jm