• I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!  We are entering a very busy time of year at home and school!  Here are a few reminders for you for the upcoming weeks:
    We will shop at the Holiday Shop tomorrow during specials.  All items are $1.00.  The PTA has a lot of nice gifts for students to choose from!  If your child will be shopping, please send in their money in an envelope or sandwich baggie with their name on it.  
     We are working in Topic 6 right now, which focuses on data.  This is a very short unit - only 5 days of lessons!  We will review together on Monday, and then will take the test Tuesday, 12/10.  Topic 7 will take us into January.  
    We have tests in all other subjects before break, as well.  We will take the narrative writing prompt next Friday, 12/20.  We will take the Quarter 2 Reading Assessment over two days - 12/16 and 12/17.  The assessment will cover both fiction and non-fiction.  We are working on strategies for figuring out unknown words in our Guided Reading groups, and continue to study characters in our mini-lessons.  Our Social Studies Assessment on History and Culture will be Wednesday, 12/18.  
    We have coats that have been left behind in our boys' cupboard.  If you are missing a coat, let me know!  
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  • Welcome winter blast!  A few reminders to please send snowpants, hats, gloves, boots and winter coats with students now that we are into the snowy time of year.  Students who do not have boots or snowpants must stay on the blacktop, and are not permitted to play in the snow or on the playground.  It is helpful to send these items in a reusable bag, such as one that you might bring to shop each week at the grocery store.  This helps to avoid getting other items in backpacks wet when we have to pack up at the end of the day.  I am also okay with students leaving their snowpants at school if that is helpful.  I would also suggest having an extra pair of socks packed in your child's backpack in case theirs get wet at recess.  
    Next week Roxbury will be having a food drive.  First grade has been asked to donate boxed stuffing.  This can be sent in any time between now and next Friday, 11/22.  
    We started Topic 5 in math today.  It is a short topic.  Please look for the parent letter that was sent home with students today to see all that this topic covers in a very few short lessons.  The test will be on Monday, November 25th.  As always, expect the Reteaching pages to come home prior to the test as homework to help students review, and we will complete the practice assessment together in class.  A few students mentioned that they will be missing some school to travel for Thanksgiving - if your child will be missing school due to travel plans, please let me know so that we can decide when they will make up any work or assessments that they will miss.  
    Please also look for parent letters explaining a few more Social Studies projects to come home next week.  You should have received directions for creating the first project - your child's timeline, and the paper to create it on, last Thursday.  Let me know if you have any questions on this assignment.  The students love seeing pictures of their classmates when they were younger, and love showing off their younger selves, and things that they've done!  
    Thank you for your support!
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  • Brrr!  I hope you are all staying warm on this cold day!  Winter seems to be arriving - just a reminder that students go outside for recess as long as the wind chill is above 15 degrees.  Please be sure to check the weather each day to see if students need winter coats, gloves, hats, boots, etc.  Also, I do not control the temperature of the classroom - I have told students that they are welcome to keep an extra sweater or sweatshirt here at school to wear if the classroom gets cold.  PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING so that lost items can be returned to the correct student when found.  
    A reminder that our Topic 4 assessment will be Tuesday, 11/5.  Students are bringing home the Reteaching Pages tonight.  They are due on Tuesday.  We will work together to review for the Topic assessment on Monday.  Students will need to write a subtraction story problem for the assessment.  Students sometimes have a hard time with this, so if you are able to think of some situations with your child, I'm sure it will be helpful. 
    Because we have finished 4 topics, we will have a Benchmark assessment on Topics 1-4 next week, as well.  We will take the benchmark assessment over two days - 11/7 and 11/12.  We will review the day before each part of the assessment, and students will have homework that will help them to be review the concepts learned, as well.  
    We are also finishing our science unit on matter.  The test on this unit will be this coming Wednesday, 11/6.  Students will bring home a study guide on Monday.  
    Finally, if your child brings home their home journal and it is not complete, they need to complete it over the weekend.  Students generally have 45 minutes to complete their journal each week, so should be able to complete it in this time.  
    It was a pleasure discussing the progress of your children with those I met with Tuesday, and I look forward to meeting with the rest of you this coming week!
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  • I hope you all enjoyed hearing about Look About Lodge yesterday!  We had a great day for our hike, and a wonderful guide who got the kids involved in helping to find living things!  We saw (and touched) jumping worms, centipedes, slugs, a frog, and more!  I wouldn't be surprised to find a stray leaf or acorn in your child's pockets!  
    We are in the midst of our How-To writing unit, and I have a class full of authors!  We've studied some mentor texts, and have been working on writing interesting introductions and conclusions that hook the reader, along with adding detail to our steps.  
    We finished Topic 3 in math (addition strategies to 20), and are now working on using strategies to do subtraction within the range of 0-20.  Our test will be on Tuesday, November 5th.  We will take Part 1 of our Benchmark Assessment (covering Topics 1-4) on November 7th and Part 2 on November 12th.  We will review before each of these days.  
    A reminder that our Halloween party will be next Thursday.  Costumes should NOT be worn to school - please label them and send in in a bag.  Students will have time to change into their costumes prior to the parade.   Please no masks or costume swords/guns/weapons.  Only parent volunteers with wristbands are allowed into the classroom.  It is customary for students to parade through the school and out on the playground.  Please watch for updates from the PTA as to the expected time of this parade.  Parents/grandparents who are not volunteering at the party are welcome to line up on the perimeter of the playground parking lot to take pictures and watch the parade.    
    Please look for report cards to come home tomorrow with students.  There will be a reminder on the report card of the time you signed up for for conferences.   I am looking forward to meeting with you all to discuss your child's progress!
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  • Hi,
    I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  Here is some important information for the upcoming weeks:
    • Our Topic 3 math assessment will be this Thursday, 10/17.  Students will be bringing home the Reteaching pages tomorrow to do for homework for Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  There will be no math homework for the long weekend since we will be taking the test on Thursday.
    • Please remember to make sure that your child is putting their name on any work that is to be turned in, including the reading log, so that they can get credit for their work.  
    • A reminder that our Look About Lodge field trip will be next week, on October 23rd.  Please be sure to dress your child for the weather (and keep your fingers crossed that it is nice!).  I will send out more information regarding where to meet the class and what time next week to those who are coming with us.  
    • Please read the attached information from our PTA Room Coordinators:
    The Class Halloween Party is on Oct 31st from 1:15-2:15 for the students and Parent volunteers.  Costumes should be labeled and in a bag.  No masks or costume swords/guns/weapons.  Only parent volunteers with a security bracelet will be allowed into the classroom with the students during the Halloween Party.  It is customary for all the classes to parade through the building and around the playground parking lot to show off their costumes.  This parade usually starts around 2:00.  Parents / grandparents who are not volunteering at the party are welcome to line up OUTSIDE on the perimeter of the playground parking lot to take pictures and watch the parade - they will NOT be allowed into the school.  
    • Please read the attached regarding dress days for Red Ribbon Week, which is October 21-25:

    Monday: Wear Red!

    Tuesday: Team Up Against Drugs -  Wear your favorite team clothing!

    Wednesday: Unity Day -  Wear Orange!

    Thursday: Hats Off to Responsibility – Wear a hat!

    Friday: Spirit Day – Wear your Roxbury or Solon gear!

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  • I hope you all had a good week!  This week we took our first Social Studies assessment.  My data meeting will be next week, and the test will be sent home after.  Please sign and return the test after reviewing it with your child.   We will start our next unit (Matter) next week.  
    Our Topic 2 math test will be next Friday, 9/27.  This topic is focusing on using strategies and tools for solving addition and subtraction facts with a whole of 10 and under.   
    Roxbury's Fall Fest is next Friday, 9/27.  Our class was assigned "crafts" for our themed basket for the raffle.  If you are planning on donating an item to help fill our basket, please send it in as soon as possible. 
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    Students will be bringing their first math test home tonight.  Please look over the assessment with your child and discuss any missed problems with them.  After you have had the time to do that, please sign and return the test with your child.  I will also be meeting with students to review any standards students have not mastered.  
    Our first Social Studies test will be on Tuesday, 9/17.  Students will be bringing home a study guide of the learning targets and important vocabulary for the assessment today.  Please look under Helpful Documents for an electronic copy.  
    Please also find a flier from the PTA regarding raffle baskets for the Fall Fest in your child's folder.  Our class will be building a "crafts" basket this year.  
    If you are planning on ordering from the Scholastic Book Club flier that was sent home last week, orders are due next Friday.  The books usually come in 1-2 weeks after the order was placed.  
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  • It was wonderful to see so many of you at Curriculum Night last week!  I hope that you've had a chance to go through the materials sent home, and have found some useful resources.  

    Our first math assessment will be Tuesday.  Tomorrow and Monday, expect students to bring home review papers to complete.  Please take the time to work through these with your child, and let me know if there were any that I need to review with him/her.  We will be reviewing in class, as well.  I use this time to go over test taking strategies as well as review content.  Students work together to talk through what information they know, what they are being asked to find, and what strategies can help them be successful.  A reminder that there is no math homework on test days. 

    Please remember to look over your child's pink weekly word work paper and to sign it.  This sheet is useful for students to practice handwriting, and expected conventions of capital letters and ending punctuation.  

    A reminder that if you are planning to support the PTA through the fall "Mumkins" fundraiser, orders are due Monday, 9/9.  





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    August 23, 2019


    It was so nice to meet many of you at the ice-cream social and meet the teacher events this past week!  Thank you for sharing your children with me this year!
    We are off to a great start so far!  We have spent a lot of time learning the routines of the classroom this week, and building "muscle memory" so we can make progress towards our goal of being ready for second grade by the end of the year.  The students are being kind and respectful, and are making new friends!  I'm looking forward to a great year of learning and fun!  
    Reading logs started last night for homework.  Students are expected to read a minimum of 20 minutes each night.  This time can be spent reading to themselves, to others, or listening to someone else read.   Our first math homework sheet came home tonight.  You can expect math homework every night except for on days that we have tests.  Please refer to my website to see what homework has been assigned each night.  On Monday students will bring home a pink sheet that allows them to practice learning the Fry sight words.  This sheet should also be used as practice for handwriting, and writing in complete sentences with correct punctuation and capital letter usage.  
    Curriculum Night will be this Thursday, August 29th.  First grade will be presenting at 6:30 p.m.  You can visit the specials teachers at 7:30 p.m.  Please come to hear a little about me, my goals for your children for this year, and the first grade curriculum.  If you are unable to make it, I will have the presentation available on my website the next day.  
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  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________


    August 21, 2019  Color Days

    The first graders are getting to know one another and building class unity.  We will accomplish this by having the children take part in various activities centered around a color of the day. In doing so, we ask the children to wear a specific colored shirt each day.  Please be sure your child wears the following colored clothing to school each day: 

    • Thursday, August 22: RED 
    • Friday, August 23YELLOW  
    • Monday, August 26BLUE 
    • Tuesday, August 27: GREEN 
    • WednesdayAugust 28ORANGE 
    • ThursdayAugust 29PINK and/or WHITE 
    • Friday, August 30SPIRIT DAY – Wear your Roxbury shirt 
    • Tuesday, September 3: PURPLE and/or GRAY  
    • Wednesday, September 4: RAINBOW DAY  

    **Wear any, or all, colors of the rainbow on rainbow day.   

    **The children are also asked to bring a teddy bear to school on Rainbow Day because we have a few special activities planned around teddy bears. 





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  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    August 21, 2019  


    Dear parents,


    Welcome to a wonderful school year!  I am excited to work with you and your child as we begin this school year!  You will find our school rules and how discipline will be handled in the classroom in this letter.  Please feel free to contact me with comments, questions or concerns. 


    At Roxbury we have three expectations for students. They are:


    1. I choose to do my best.
    2. I choose to follow directions.
    3. I choose to use kind words, kind hands, and kind feet.


    While I have very high expectations that all students will do the right thing at all times, there is a consequence system for our room.  The first step is a verbal warning.  Usually this is all that is needed to redirect someone that might have lost their focus. If a verbal warning isn’t helpful for the student, they will need to clip down on our behavior chart.  At the end of the day, students will mark on a calendar where they end their day.  The calendar will remain in their purple take home folder.  Students will earn points toward prizes for ending their day on green or above. 


    Our class will be working on building a foundation of curriculum and organizational strategies that can be used throughout the students’ academic careers.  Thank you in advance for your support in promoting the importance of using these strategies to your child!   One way that this will be maintained is through our purple home communication folder.  This folder will house EVERYTHING that students and parents need to keep up with what is going on at school.  This folder helps students to establish good organizational skills in their first years of school - skills that can carry on throughout their time in school.  It will help your child stay organized and keep you in touch with our classroom.  Please help your child to take care of his/her folder as we will be using it all year.  Students are to take it home each day and bring it back to school every morning. 

    I work very hard to keep my website on the Family Information System up to date.  It is the primary way of communicating homework and tests.   It would be wonderful if you would bookmark it and refer to it as often as needed. 


    I rely mainly on email to keep you informed – whether it is hints about how to best help your child with a particular topic, study guides for assessments, sending a link to a video demonstrating a math strategy, or communication regarding homework completion or behavior. 


    Again, I look forward to working with you to ensure that this is the best year possible for your child!


    Thank you!


    Mrs. Michelle Miller

    Email:  michellemiller@solonboe.org

    Voicemail:  440-349-7757 x5657



      • Lunch - 11:00-11:30
      • Recess - 11:30-12:00


    • SPECIALS – 12:10-1:00 daily
      • Monday – Library
      • Tuesday – Art
      • Wednesday – Music
      • Thursday – Gym
      • Friday – varies (*See 2019-2020 Friday Rotational Schedule*)


                Homework is a link between school and home that shows what children are studying.  Homework helps students to understand and review the work that has been covered in class, to check and improve comprehension of a particular skill that was taught, to become more self-reliant, and to learn to work independently.  These assignments also allow you as parents to acquaint yourselves with the school program and your child’s educational progress.

    We will have math homework every night unless there is a test.  Students are required to read an average of 20 minutes nightly.  Content area homework (science and social studies) will be sent home as needed.  They are generally projects, and the first grade team will make every effort to send them home well in advance.  Homework assignments will be posted online on our class website.  Upcoming assessments will also be posted on-line, and reminder emails will be sent. 

                Students are responsible for doing their best work on all homework assignments.  Homework should be neat, clean and completed in pencil.  Allow your child to complete his/her work independently and step in for assistance after your child has put forth his/her best effort.  When your child is finished, check the work.  Praise correct answers and help your child to correct any mistakes.

                Parents and guardians play an important role in the homework process.  Together, families and teachers can help your child develop excellent study habits and a good attitude.  Please make homework a top priority.  Try to set aside a daily time to complete homework assignments.  Provide your child with both a quiet, comfortable environment and the necessary supplies.

                If there is a logical reason why your child did not complete the assignment, please send me a note on the day the homework is due.

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