• August 23, 2019

    Greetings Parents,

    What a fantastic first few days! The children are learning the rules and expectations.  They are making new friends, reading many great books, solving a variety of math problems, writing All About pieces, building a growth mindset, building stamina, and so much more!


    This is the first weekly update of the year.  Each week, I will send an email updating you on all that is going on in our classroom.  Please be sure to read it each week so you are aware of activities, assignments, assemblies, and how to help your child at home.  Working together, home and school, will help your child to reach his/her full potential this year.


    **Please be sure you attend Curriculum Night on Thursday, August 29 from 6:30-7:15 in Room 108.  I will be sharing the expectations for this school year, how to log your child onto the math program at home, you will sign up for a variety of events, check out your child's work thus far, etc. Looking forward to seeing you next week.**


    *In math, your child started Topic 1. Your child is working on understanding addition and subtraction with numbers up to 10.  This sounds simple, yet the rigor comes with the various story problems your child is asked to solve.  Please be sure to have your child work on the following regularly throughout Topic 1:

    • Finding two ways to show a number 5-10. Your child may still need to use objects to show this so please provide objects (cereal, pennies, small toys, spoons, etc) to aid your child in understanding what it really means to break a number into two parts. 

    o   Ex: 3+4=7 and 2+5=7   OR 7+2=9 and 1+8=9 and 4+5=9

    • Ask your child to solve real life problems with household items like cereal, pretzels, coins, toys, etc

    o   EX of take away: I have 8 spoons.  I used 2.  How many are left?

    o   EX of addition: I have 3 pretzels.  I get 6 more.  How many do I have in all?

    o   EX of missing addend: I had 3 stickers.  Now I have 8 stickers.  How many stickers did I get?

    o   EX missing addend: I set out 4 napkins.  There are 7 people in my family.  How many more napkins do I need?

    • EX: Me and my mom have 7 spoons.  I have 3.  How many does my mom have?

    **Your child will have math homework most nights.  Please assist your child, as needed, to complete each assignment and return it to school the next day in the red daily folder.


     *Reading at home: Your child is required to read for 20 minutes at home every day.  This reading should be FUN.  This is an important time for you to model smooth, expressive reading so your child can hear and then reread in a smooth, expressive voice.  The books your child picks have NOT been read at school so it is important for you to assist your child in reading and sounding out words.  You can read the page and then have your child reread the page.  Be sure to talk about the book to ensure your child can retell the text in order.  I will start testing the children in reading next week using the Developmental Reading Assessment. For this assessment, your child will read a book to me and retell the text.


    Upcoming events:

    *Monday, August 26: The first reading log is due today.  I will send a new log home today as well.  I am so pleased with the amount of reading each child is doing at home. Please keep the yellow reading log in the RED folder EVERYDAY. I check it to ensure your child is keeping up with reading each night.  Be sure the borrowed book is also returned each day so your child can check out a new book to read at home.


    *Thursday, August 29:  I will be talking about the first grade curriculum and expectations at 6:30-7:15pm in Room 108.  Please attend this important night.


    *Friday, August 30:  Scholastic Book orders are due today.  If you wish to order any new books, please place your online order at scholastic.com using our class code N7DTN.


    It was a busy week.  The children worked hard and were quite tired by the end of the day. Be sure your child is getting enough rest, eating a healthy breakfast, and getting to school at 7:45 to make the most of his/her learning in school each day. We start math right at 8:00 so it is important to get to school on time. 


    Due on Monday: reading log/book and math sheet 1.1


    Have a great weekend!


    Mrs. Hogue





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    August 21, 2019

    Welcome back to school!

    The first graders are getting to know one another and building class unity.  We will accomplish this by having the children take part in various activities centered around a color of the day. In doing so, we ask the children to wear a specific colored shirt each day.  Please be sure your child wears the following colored clothing to school each day:

    • Thursday, August 22: RED
    • Friday, August 23: YELLOW
    • Monday, August 26: BLUE
    • Tuesday, August 27: GREEN
    • Wednesday, August 28: ORANGE
    • Thursday, August 29: PINK and/or WHITE
    • Friday, August 30: SPIRIT DAY – Wear your Roxbury shirt
    • Tuesday, September 3: PURPLE and/or GRAY
    • Wednesday, September 4: RAINBOW DAY

    **Wear any, or all, colors of the rainbow on rainbow day. 

    **The children are also asked to bring a teddy bear to school on Rainbow Day because we have a few special activities planned around teddy bears.



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