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    2019-20 Bus Stop Change Request Form

    For the protection and safety of our students, requests to relocate a student's school bus stop will only be accepted in writing from a custodial parent or guardian. Each request will be researched and someone from our transportation team will get back to you with an answer by Sept. 11. While each request will be considered, there is no guarantee that a request will be approved. Students may not change their bus stops without prior approval. 

    Click HERE To Submit a Bus Stop Change Request


    2019-20 Solon Day Care/Special Transportation Request Form

    All school-year change requests for Day Care Bus Transportation for before- or after-school care for 2019-20 must be made by submitting the online Day Care Transportation Request Form. 

    Please remember that day care transportation is not guaranteed. A minimum of 5 students must be traveling to or from school to a Solon day care provider for bus transportation to be provided.

    2019-20 Solon Day Care/Special Transportation Request Form



    2019-20 Solon High School Bus Rider Survey

    Use the link below to complete the ridership survey. By completing this survey, you are not giving up your student’s ability to ride the bus in the future. If you decline ridership now and circumstances change at any time during the school year requiring your child to ride the bus, you may contact the Transportation Department two days prior to when your child needs transportation and we can easily make the change. 

    Accurate ridership numbers are very important to us for many reasons, including helping with traffic congestion and ensuring students arrive safely and on time to school and back home again. 

    Thank you in advance for completing this survey for EACH of your children at the high school.

    2019-20 Solon High School Bus Rider Survey



    2019-20 Private School Bus Rider Survey

    This survey helps us to better optimize our bus routes for the upcoming school year. Bus routes for Solon students attending non-public schools will be published in August. If your child lives in Solon or Glenwillow and will be attending a private or parochial school for the 2019-20 school year, please complete all fields in the following form. Thank you in advance.

    Click HERE to Complete the PRIVATE SCHOOL Bus Rider Survey


    Solon Private School Transportation Reimbursement Request 

    Click HERE to Submit a Reimbursement Request for Private School Transportation for 2019-20