• Road work ahead - black type on orange diamond shaped sign TRAFFIC/CONSTRUCTION INFORMATION

    During 2019, the city of Solon has launched several significant construction projects, including a complete rebuild of the SOM Center and Aurora Road intersection. Construction will impact traffic and bus route travel intermittantly. If bus routes are impacted significantly, families will receive notificaiton via text message and email. Please be sure your current cell phone number and email address are on file with your child's school.


    Winter Weather with snowflake on snow covered tree background WINTER WEATHER BUS INFORMATION

    With the onset of winter weather, it is important to have conversations with your child about always adhering to the bus safety rules. Per state law, all student bus riders are assigned a designated place of safety to wait for the bus. It is imperative that students wait for the bus at that designated place of safety, even during inclement weather.

    Because the timing of bus routes can vary due to traffic and weather conditions, we ask that your child be at the bus stop at least five minutes prior to his or her scheduled stop time. It is very dangerous for students to run after a bus or for parents to try to drive and catch up to a missed bus. 

    If your child’s bus is significantly delayed, we will communicate that information to you through email and text via the district Blackboard Connect messaging system.

    Additionally, we ask that you remind your child to focus on getting on and off the bus safely. Students should not be wearing earbuds or headphones or looking at electronic devices or phones. Our drivers are looking out for students as they enter and exit the bus and students need to have their eyes on the driver and be alert for any warnings. This is especially important with the recent increase in motorists ignoring traffic laws regarding school bus warning lights.

    If you are driving near a school bus, please be sure you are following the rules of the road as well and remain a safe distance behind the bus and stop for the red flashing signals.

    Thank you for your partnership in ensuring the safety of our student bus riders.