• Solon City Schools school bus side view


    The 2019-20 Solon Bus Routes are posted below. Students are still registering with the district, so please be sure to check the routes again on the night before your child's first day of school as changes to the route times are possible.

    Online request forms for any potential stop location changes will be available on August 23, and, if approved, would go into effect beginning Sept. 11. No bus passes for play dates or after-school schedule changes can be issued until Sept. 11.

    Please remember that stops may not be identical to those from last year. However, if you have concerns about your child’s bus stop that cannot wait until August 23, please contact the Transportation Department via email at transportation@solonboe.org. Email is the most efficient means to communicate with the department.

    The transportation team is handling inquiries as quickly as possible. If you have called the department and left a voice mail, please rest assured that the team is looking into your concern.

    Several factors are considered when deteriming student bus stops, including the distance from the stop to the student's home, safety of the stop, visibility around the stop (not visibility of the stop from the student's home), location on a main thoroughfoare and the number of students at a stop. Bus routes are created to be as efficient as possible so that the time students are on the bus is as short as possible. Student safety is always the primary concern. At the same time, home stops are not feasible for every Solon student. 


    2019-20 Solon Schools Bus Routes

    Bus routes change over the course of the year for efficiency and to add new students as they enroll in the district. Please contact the Transportation Department if you questions about your child’s stop time or location.