• On the Come Up

    by Angie Thomas Year Published: 2019 Young Adult Literature

    Bri, a sixteen-year-old rapper, navigates many obstacles while pursuing her dream to become a successful hip-hop star.  

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  • The Crucible

    by Arthur Miller Year Published: 1953 Classic Play

    A fictional story of the Salem Witch Trials and the motivations which drive humankind.  

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  • Just Mercy

    by Bryan Stevenson Year Published: 2014

    The true story of Walter McMillian, who was imprisoned for a murder that he did not commit, and the young lawyer who works endlessly to not only free McMillian, but also to fix a broken justice system. 

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  • The 57 Bus

    by Dashka Slater Year Published: 2017

    A nonfiction narrative about two teens and the crime that changed the course of both of their lives. 

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  • Macbeth

    by William Shakespeare Year Published: 1606 Classic play

    One of Shakespeare's tragedies, Macbeth explores the destruction that occurs when ambition goes unchecked. 

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  • Goodbye Days

    by Jeffrey Zentner Year Published: 2017

    A modern fiction novel of Carver Briggs who sends a text which ultimately results in the deaths of his three best friends.  

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