• Safe Snack Party List: Safe Snack List Resource for Classroom Parties


    Classroom Party Guidelines for Grades Pre-K to 4



    Our students look forward to the class parties scheduled throughout the year for Halloween, Winter/Holiday, Valentine’s Day and End-of-Year. These parties are fun and provide a way for students to enjoy a celebration at school with their classmates. At the same time, we want to be sure that the parties are safe for all students and provide a balance of snack foods available during the parties.

    We ask the PTA Classroom Coordinators to work with the volunteer party planners for each class to be sure the following guidelines are communicated and followed prior to each party:

    • Be sure that all volunteers who will be attending the party are on the list provided to the school a week before the party date so that volunteer wristbands for admittance to the school can be distributed.
    • Plan the party “snack” menu to include only one “treat.” This treat should be on the Peanut-Free Snack List. Please use the following resource (which is updated continually throughout the year) to identify treats that are Peanut/Nut Free. https://snacksafely.com/safe-snack-guide/

    This online resource is dated, so be sure to check back based on the “use by” date if you are planning a treat for your child’s party. 

    • Please be sure that the party planner volunteers obtain a copy (photo via cell phone is fine) of the ingredient label from the family that is signed up to provide the packaged treat and give that image to the classroom teacher (or have the family give the label to the teacher directly). The school will email a copy of the label to the class a week before the party so families are aware of the treat chosen and can be sure it is safe for their child.
    • All other items on the party “snack” menu should be fruits and veggies and the beverage should be water.
    • No candy or treats should be attached to any Valentines or holiday cards students may pass out at school.

    If the parent party planners have questions, it is best to ask in advance for clarification. The building principals are happy to answer questions in advance to avoid last-minute issues or concerns.

    Thank you for your efforts to create fun events for the students!