• August 16, 2021

    Dear Choir members and parents,

    I would like to welcome you to the Vocal Music Department at Solon High School. There will be nearly 150 students participating in 6 performance groups this year. During the school day, we are offering Concert Choir for all students in grades 9-12, A Cappella Choir for all students in grades 9-12, and Music In Motion for all students in grades 9-12.        

    All students will have the opportunity to audition for the select groups, which meet after school. The Show Choir, “Music In Motion” was selected last May and rehearses during 5th period and on Monday evenings under the direction of myself, Mr. Joseph Ferencie, and Mr. Mark Mauldin, with choreography by Mr. Jarad Voss and Mrs. Victoria Brindis. The Troubadours perform TTBB music, and they will rehearse on Mondays from 3:00 to 4:00. The Comettes perform SSAA music, and they will rehearse on Wednesdays from 3:00 to 4:00. Membership for Troubadours and Comettes is open to any student by audition. The Madrigals will rehearse from 3:00 to 4:30 on Thursdays and membership is open to any student who is enrolled in choir by audition.

    Auditions for Madrigals will be take place via online video submission. All students interested in Troubadours and Comettes should attend the first rehearsal for audition/rehearsal. Troubadours first rehearsal will be held on Monday, August 30th from 3-4. Comettes first rehearsal will be held on Wednesday, September 1st from 3-4. Madrigals cast lists will be posted on Friday, September 4th. Cast lists, Calendar Information, Learning Tracks, and other valuable information can be found on the Solon City Schools website. Just visit solonschools.org and follow the links to Solon High School. Then click on my name to find the choir web page.  Additional information will be shared with students via Google Classroom. 

    The four major choir concerts (Oct. 14, Dec. 8, Feb. 23, May 11) are FREE to the public. The choir is now part of the Solon Music Parents Booster Organization. Over the past 30+ years, the choir has organized a patron fund raising effort. The patron program enabled us to purchase robes, outfits and garment bags for the Men’s Chorus, Women’s Chorus, A Cappella Choir, Music In Motion, Madrigals, and Comettes. It has also helped defray the cost of our trips to New Orleans, Florida, and Chicago, as well as covering the cost of providing accompanists for our concerts throughout the year. Now that the choir is part of SMP, the patron program has been eliminated. Instead of asking for donations to help offset the costs associated with the choir program, each student is being asked to provide eight hours of service through Solon Music Parents sign up genius. There are many ways to obtain the service hours, including manning concessions at athletic events.  More information to come!

    I want to thank you for your support in the past, and I look forward to your continued support as we make great musical memories together. I’m looking forward to seeing many “old” friends and meeting many new ones at our concerts. Please do not hesitate to email or call with any questions!


    Gary Lewis 

    Vocal Music Teacher