Welcome to English Essentials

  • English Essentials is a course designed to improve students’ reading and writing skills by using a dual approach - instructional level material while also reinforcing the skills and concepts introduced in their grade level English class using explicit instruction in comprehension strategies.  Students’ strengths and weaknesses are addressed through whole group and small group reading instruction using a varied workshop model.  Emphasis is placed on understanding text structure, building background knowledge, making relevant connections to text, asking questions, inferring, summarizing, and synthesizing through independent reading, and reflective reading response journaling.  Students will also work on progress towards their IEP reading and writing goals.


    Materials: Needed by Thursday, August 22nd

    • 1 package of tab dividers
    • 1 composition notebook
    • The Vocabulary for Success Grade 9 (vocabulary workbook can be purchased at SHS book store) – will be used in 10th grade as well.
    • An independent reading book (must be based on student interests and at their ability level – bring from home or from the library) – will need different ones throughout the school year!
    • 1 box of tissues

     *I will be providing the class binders students will be using*

     You Can Do It!