• Music In Motion

    Gary Lewis – Director  garylewis@solonboe.org

    Joseph Ferencie – Assistant Director   josephferencie@solonboe.org

    Mark Mauldin – Assistant Director  markmauldin@solonboe.org

    Jarad Voss, Tori Brindis – Choreographers

    Audition Requirements

    Students who will be in grades 9-12 for the 2022-2023 school year are eligible to audition for Music in Motion.  Incoming 9th graders who wish to audition for Singer/Dancer must pass a pre-audition and have a recommendation from Mrs. Bettinger (SMS). Pre-Auditions and recommendations are already in place for select incoming 9th graders.  If you an incoming 9th grader and you have not passed singer/dancer pre-audition, you are not eligible to audition for singer/dancer.  However, you may audition for band and interview for crew.

     All students (S/D, band, and crew) must join the MIM audition google classroom. 

    Google Classroom code:  vg4nux6

    You also must fill out the online application form. You must be logged in to your solonschools.net account to fill out the form. A link to the form will also be available on the google classroom page.

    MIM Audition Google Form

    There are many dates to remember throughout the MIM audition process.  All dates are reflected on the class calendar in google classroom.  It can be found in the classwork section.

    Dance Help Session – April 25 -  All prospective Singer/Dancers will learn a short dance combination that is part of the audition.  The combination will be taught by the MIM student dance captains.  Current MIM Singer/Dancers must also learn the dance.   The dance help session will take place in the SHS Auditorium OR Orchestra Room on April 25 from 3:00-4:00 and 4:00-5:00.  The sessions are identical. Students should attend one of the sessions.  

    MIM Dance Audition Music

    The music that is used for the dance portion of the audition will be added here soon.  


    Singer/Dancer Auditions – Video submission via Google Classroom due May 14th 11:59 PM

    Students who wish to audition for Singer/Dancer must

    1. Perform their audition song, accompanied either live or with a pre-recorded track.

    2. Perform “America The Beautiful" a cappella.

    3. Perform the dance audition,

    After you have completed your vocal audition, you'll have time to change into dance clothing.  The dance auditions will take place in groups of 6.  You will form two rows of 3.  The dance will be performed twice.  After the first performance, students will switch rows.  Both performances count as part of your audition.  

    Potential Singer/Dancers should prepare and memorize a vocal solo that is no longer than 90 seconds in length.  There are several songs available in google classroom.  You may choose one of the songs in google classroom, or any other song of your choice.  Auditions must be accompanied. YouTube or phone tracks are permitted, but they must be instrumental ONLY…no background or harmony vocals on tracks. You may bring an accompanist to your auditions. You may also accompany yourself on piano or guitar.

    If you choose one of the songs in google classroom, Mr. Lewis will play the accompaniment track during your audition. You do not need to have it cued up on your phone.

    Additionally, each singer/dancer will perform one verse of “America, The Beautiful” a cappella.
    Suggested key is Bb (starting note: F) for Sopranos/Tenors and Ab (starting note: Eb) for Altos/Basses. 

    Dance Tutorials will be available in the google classroom once dance captains have been selected. *3/29/22 NOTE – Dance Captains have not been selected yet.  The following information regarding dance will be updated as soon as dance captains have been selected and they have prepared learning videos.  Boys should learn from the male dance captain videos, and girls should learn from female dance captain videos.  
    Dance Help Sessions – April 25 - All prospective Singer/Dancers will learn a short dance combination that is part of the audition. 
    The combination will be taught by the MIM student dance captains.  Current MIM Singer/Dancers must also learn
    the dance and submit a video.   The dance help sessions will take place in person on April 25 from 3;00-4:00 and 4:00-5:00.  
    The sessions are identical. You only need to attend one session, but you are welcome to attend both sessions.

    If you have specific questions about Singer/Dancer auditions, please email Mr. Lewis


    Band Auditions – Video submission due May 12th 11:59 PM.  Submit your videos to the google classroom assignment.                             

    Potential Band members - spots available include 1trumpet, 2 trombones, 1 Tenor Sax, 1 Alto Sax, 1 Bass Guitar,  1 Keyboard, and 1 drummer.  Drummers and Bass Guitar should present these styles: Rock, Swing, and Funk.  All other instruments should demonstrate slow, lyrical playing as well as fast technical style.

    Your audition video should be no longer than 90 seconds, and it should contain your instrument solo with no accompaniment.

    If you have specific questions about band, please email Mr. Mauldin


    Crew Interviews in person – May 10th & 11th.

    May 10 – 3:00-4:20

    May 11 – 3:00-4:40

    Potential Crew members will interview with Mr. Ferencie and current Crew leads. 5-minute interview time slots will be selected using sign-up genius.  Link for sign ups coming soon.

    If you have specific questions about crew, please email Mr. Ferencie

    Schedule Obligations


    Cast Listed Posted online (on Mr. Lewis homepage AND on Google Classroom) – May 13th  2:55 PM


    Schedule Obligations

    Music in Motion Summer Camp – August 8-12

    Mandatory week of rehearsals to learn the competition show.  The mornings will consist of conditioning and vocal rehearsals, and the afternoons will be focused on choreography.  The choreography for the ENTIRE SHOW will be learned this week. 

    Rehearsals:  Singer/Dancers will rehearse DAILY during 5th period.  Group rehearsals will be held on Monday nights from 6:00 – 9:00.  The band will rehearse on Mondays after school in the fall until we are ready to combine on stage for rehearsal.

    Dress Rehearsals: Friday afternoons before competitions

    Festivals/Competitions:  Some Thursdays, but predominantly Saturdays

    Competition season begins in January and runs through early March.  Traditionally, Music in Motion performs at five or six festivals/competitions in season.  They are also invited to perform at various festivals and community events throughout the year.  Most festivals/competitions take place on Saturdays.  If overnight accommodations are required, the show choir fund will cover such expenses.  If a student makes the crew, they will be required/expected to attend one rehearsal a month (prior to January) and EVERY performance and competition.


    The calendar/schedule will be made available to the choir before the beginning of the school year.  Although a great deal of time is spent creating the calendar, all dates are subject to change.  Updates and reminders will be sent via our gmail email group, Google Classroom, and private Facebook groups.


    Financial Obligations

    Students who are selected for Music in Motion will be charged a one-time assessment for costume items.  New member fees are slightly different based on items already in possession by veteran members. 


    The following amounts are subject to change.                 

            New Members:    Garment/Duffle Bag - $30 (S/D and Crew - duffle bag.  Band - garment bag)

            All Members:       Spirit Wear - $15-$40


    SINGER/                   Costume Assessment – $500

    DANCERS:                 All other expenses will be covered by Music In Motion

    Girls - Two costumes, costume alterations, tights, body liner, performance shoes, hair accessories, earrings, makeup, show shirt $10 credit

    Boys - Two costumes, costume alterations, performance dance shoes, socks, undershirt, compression shorts, accessories, show shirt $10 credit


    BAND:                        Costume Assessment – $150

    Themed custom costume that complements Singer/Dancers, show shirt $10 credit


    CREW:            All crew members dress in black uniform apparel. 

                                     Costume Assessment

    $200 – new members

    $10 – returning members

    BDU pants, tactical polo shirt, flashlight, gloves, black boots, show shirt $10 credit


    Parent Volunteers

    Music in Motion relies heavily on parent volunteers.  There are many areas that parents can help.  A parent meeting will be held in June to staff the committees.

    Music In Motion will be hosting the Solon Show Choir Invitational on March 4, 2023. It is expected and required that each student’s parents/guardians volunteer during the competition.