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    Hi!  As the advisor for Images art & literary magazine, I am blessed to work with an incredibly talented and motivated staff.  I am passionate about inspiring students to achieve their best, whether that be penning a poignant poem or earning an outstanding score on a test.  I love hiking in the woods with my Bullmastiff and venturing to new destinations.  I aspire to visit all 50 States.




    Hi! I’m Anushree Aneja and I’m a senior at Solon High School. I love creative writing and seek inspiration in all the novels I read. I aspire to write a piece similar to that of Khaled Hosseini, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and of course, J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter was an integral part of my childhood). I also enjoy looking at compositions and always pay attention to the lyrics of songs (Ed Sheeran and Pentatonix are some of my favorites). My hobbies include reading, writing, and video and photo editing (and sometimes I attempt to draw). I am very passionate about neuroscience and want to explore behavioral economics and be a doctor.


    Hi, my name is Melissa Ellin, and I am a junior at SHS. I draw my inspiration from various authors, celebrities and everyday citizens that reach out and voice their opinions. I find that the most influential people in today’s society are those who are not afraid to speak out and share their views, even if they are unpopular. I enjoy reading and binge-watching all the best Netflix shows.




    My name is Margaret Ferris and I’m the Images Literary Director and a senior at Solon High School. My most frequent source of inspiration is my driveway, a source of inspiration for creative works and long conversations. When I’m not doing various band-related activites, I work at the White Flower Cake Shoppe and as a Music Director for Stagecrafters. In college, I plan to study mechanical engineering or computer science, but I aspire to be happy.


    My name is Sonny Ghosh, and I am a junior at Solon High School. I am inspired by designer Dries Van Noten, member of the Antwerp Six. He inspires me because of seamlessly he can combine traditional Eastern and Western styles. I really enjoy taking and editing photos. Some of my interests include fashion, photography, and music. I don’t really know what I want to do in the future, but I am definitely interested in Economics, Computer Science, and Marketing.  


    My name is Gina Kong and I am a sophomore at SHS. I started reading books at a very young age, (good 'ole Junie B. Jones) and I almost immediately began writing soon after.  My favorite book genres are science fiction and fantasy but I have extremely high standards for books that I fall into my favorites category, books that I would recommend to others. My most favorite fantasy series is either Harry Potter (mainstream) by J.K Rowling or the Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima. My most favorite individual book is A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. By being part of the Images staff I hope to spread my love for literature throughout the student body and express how talented we all really are! 


     Hey! My name is Kavya Kosana, I am a senior at Solon High School, and I am the Editor-in-Chief of Images art and literary magazine.  I am inspired by humanity’s continuous desire for knowledge and and the numerous scientists who work to improve our world. In my free time, I do robotics, draw and paint, and read. I very passionate about space exploration and technology, and hope to work as an aerospace or mechanical engineer for NASA, SpaceX.



     My name is Adrienne Kvaka and I’m a senior at Solon High School. I’m inspired by the psychology of human interactions, and the peace of mind I feel when I’m outside. Hiking, whether I’m with friends or on my own, is one of my favorite activities to do no matter the time or place. There’s something about the quietness of nature that is so calming.




    Hey there! I’m Julia, and I’m a senior at Solon. I love listening to music, singing, reading, and acting. One of my biggest inspirations is performers, both famous actors and people I know right here in Solon. I’d love to study English, Drama, or Writing in college, but I’m still not sure where my path will lead. Predictably, Images has helped me discover my these passions over the course of these two years, and I’m forever grateful for it.



    My name is Neel Mehta and I am a junior at SHS. Literature, specifically classical poetry, has always been something that has inspired me. In my free time, I play piano, basketball, and chess. I am also part of the Solon Academic Challenge team where I specialize in classical literature, and the 4-time state champion Solon Chess Team. I hope to major in Neurobiology and minor in literature and one day become a leading pediatric neurosurgeon. 



    Hi! I’m Hayden Mesnick, I’m a sophomore, and I’m bad at writing about myself. I’m often inspired by music (of most genres, except country), which fuels a creative, productive part of me. I’m in a lot of clubs, but in my spare time I write (generally orchestral) music. I’d like to study music composition, linguistics, and/or some type of engineering in college. I aspire to make a difference in the world. 



    Hey! I’m Mohammed Naqi (Mo) and I’m a junior at Solon High. This is my first year in America and it’s great to be here. My biggest inspirations are Joaquin Phoenix (actor), Christopher Nolan (director) and Drake. My hobbies include photography, photo editing, lifting, cricket, basketball, dancing and I’m a professional bathroom singer. I love my family, friends and my camera. I aspire to become a filmmaker one day and make meaningful movies.



     Hi, my name is Sandy Shen, and I am the Images Visual Arts editor! When I’m not watching korean dramas or the news, I like to play viola and volunteer. My main sources of inspiration are classical music and the people around me, because there is always something more to them. But the best fuel for any creative mind is my mom’s coconut chicken curry. While I am still a junior at SHS, I aspire to study international affairs and potentially become a civil servant.


    Hello, my name is Brendan Wang and I am currently a junior at Solon High School. I am a twin brother who finds deep passion for arts, films, and chicken wings. In my free time, I like to play and watch basketball, beatbox and fish. I am inspired by technology and the world of possibilities associated with it. I love science fiction and action movies such as Interstellar and The Avengers. I aspire to study finance or business.



    Hello! My name is Colton Wang, a junior currently enrolled at Solon High School. As a twin, I share a passion for acting and drawing. In my free time, I love playing basketball, rapping, playing guitar, and traveling. My academic interests include biology and technology; in the future, I want to study biology.




     Hello, my name is Mark Wang and I’m a junior at Solon High. My favorite hobbies include skiing and listening to music. Someone who has greatly inspired me is Bob Ross, not only because of his genuine passion in arts, but also because of his humility. In the future, I hope to study medicine. 


     My name is Peter Varga and I’m a senior. My hobbies include playing the clarinet, composing music, and writing poetry. I am inspired by music in all of its forms, since it is fascinating to see musicians create something that is a direct product of their personality. I aspire to be a musician one day because I want to be able to play music the way that I interpret it, and to express myself through the universal medium of music.


    Hello! My name is Mehmet Yilmaz and I am currently a Sophomore at Solon High. Some of the things that inspire me are the constant stream of breakthroughs within the intertwined fields of technology and science, the majesty and grace of nature, and the power of the human imagination. My interest in technological and scientific advances strongly contribute to my liking of science fiction literature. I also like listening to music to stimulate my imagination. Right now, I'm between Innovative Engineering and Medicine as possible careers.