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    Get breaking news and fun and informational updates by connecting with the Solon Schools on social media. Facebook and Twitter are immediate vehicles to help Solon and Glenwillow residents and families connect with the Solon Schools.

    We use Facebook and Twitter to provide short, timely information notices to Solon parents as well as to community members who do not have children in the schools. If you are a Solon Schools' parent, be sure to connect to the PTA Facebook pages for your building as well. Information on how to join those closed parent pages, check out your monthly PTA-school newsletter.

    If you already have a Twitter account, you can find us @SolonSchools. If you do not have a Twitter account, you will still be able to follow our messages or “tweets” by signing up online at http://twitter.com/SolonSchools to receive our tweets as text messages. Our Twitter feed also runs here on the web site. 

    The district Facebook page posts regular updates and information on happenings in all six schools and the preschool. If you want more targeted information, athletics, music, drama and activities all have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts as well. 

    Our new Quality Profile Year in Pictures is now posted on YouTube at:


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