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    Ohio’s academic learning standards are rigorous and focus on building the critical-thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills students will need to succeed in the future. But that rigor and focus do not mean today’s classrooms are devoid of creativity and engagement. In fact, the opposite is true.

    Solon students work in teams, collaborate, communicate and create. A walk through any Solon school building shows students moving around the room, sitting in groups on the floor with manipulatives, using technology, and working in hallways and open spaces for active and participatory learning.

    Additionally, the schools are building cultures of growth mindset among students to help foster their love of learning and a “stick-to-it-ness” that helps them persevere in tackling difficult tasks and challenging work.

    Teachers are providing more challenging work to all students. And to succeed, students must embrace the challenges, stick with the work even if it is difficult, identify resources to help themselves and most importantly believe that they can do it. If work is too easy, students may receive very good grades, but they will not grow and develop their capacity for learning. It’s a hollow and limited level of achievement that does not help them to reach their potential.

    To learn more about these and other topics related to academic standards and best practices in the Solon Schools, check back to this page regularly. A new report is presented to the Solon Council of PTAs bimonthly.



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