• Student Use Questions

    Can students use their own Google account?

    Students should only log in on their Chromebook using the @solonschools.net account. Students should not be in guest mode or they will not be able access their Chrome extensions.

    Do students have email accounts through Google Apps?

    Solon City Schools provides students with a Solon Google account. This account gives students' access to Google Docs, Drive, Calendar, Apps and Gmail. The Google suite of tools provides collaboration tools for students through the integration of their Solon Gmail account.
    The use of the student Solon Google account is covered under the Student Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). The Student AUP covers the use of technology in our educational setting. Parents and students both sign this document to indicate they have read and agree to the policies. A blank copy of the AUP is available on our website for reference. Below you will find guidelines for use of Solon Google student account.

    Can students print from their Chromebooks?

    Digital online file sharing between staff and students is one of the great advantages of the Chromebooks and is an easy and efficient way to distribute and turn in assignments without printing. It also saves on paper, ink and toner use, thereby saving the district money. Students are encouraged to digitally publish and share their work with their teachers and peers when appropriate.

    Will students be able to add apps from the Chrome Web Store?

    There are numerous apps and extensions that can be added to Chrome. Some apps have a cost and will not be provided by Solon City School District. Students should be selective in the apps they add; too many apps can adversly affect the performance of the Chromebook.

    Can students personalize their Chromebooks?

    Students are permitted to personalize the hardshell protective cover.  Students are not allowed to do anything to the Chromebook that permanently alters it in any way.  The Chromebook is school property and should be treated as such. Intentionally defacing the device will be treated as a disciplinary offense. 

    Can students charge their Chromebooks at school?

    Chromebooks must be brought to school each day in a fully charged condition. Students need to be responsible for charging their Chromebooks each evening. Only the provided charging cable should be used; do not purchase or attempt to use third-party chargers as this can ruin the Chromebook. Students should not bring personal charger to school.  Some chargers may be available for emergency use only at school.  Students who repeatedly fail to bring a fully charged Chromebook to school will face disciplinary actions.

    Can students take their Chromebooks home?

    Yes, it is vital that they be used at home. That's what anytime, anywhere learning is all about! This also helps us extend the formal learning community to include parents, siblings and other people important in the lives of each student. 

    Parent Questions

    Will my child be able to opt out?

    Chromebooks will play an integral role in classroom instruction. It will be a tool for acquiring knowledge, researching, collaborating with peers, creating products, etc. Students will need to use their Chromebooks in order to be a successful participant in our learning community. If parents have objections to Chromebook use they should contact the administration at their child's school.

    Will my child be able to bring their own device to school?

    The Chromebook is the preferred device chosen by Solon City School District. It will allow the school district to monitor student use at school and push out applications that students can use for classwork. The Chromebook was chosen for numerous factors including its light weight, long battery life, integration with Google Apps for Education and security. School-issued Chromebooks will contain additional services and filters that non-district purchased Chromebooks will not. A student may bring his/her own device.  However, student owned devices will have limited access to the Internet.  All students will use a district-owned Chromebook for testing situations.

    Will there be a fee for the Chromebook?

    There will not be a fee for the Chromebook. The only fees that will be assessed will be for any damage to the Chromebook, as outlined below:

    Damage or Repair of District Owned Device
    If damage occurs to the One2One device, students and parents/guardians agree to be responsible for fees as described below based on the situation.
    •Accidental Damage - We understand that accidents happen, however repeated damage will result in costs to parent/guardian.
    •First Damage Incident Per Year­: There is no fee for one accidental damage incident per year to the Chromebook. Parents will be notified of the incident and the incident will be recorded. Please see the repair costs on the Usage Agreement.                                                                                                                                                                      
    •Second and Subsequent Damage Incident Per Year­: Full price of repair or replacement will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian and a meeting with an administrator may be required before a device will be re-­issued.
    •Intentional Damage­ - Full price of repair or replacement will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian and a meeting with an administrator will be required before Chromebooks are replaced. Appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken as per the Student Handbook.
    •Lost/Stolen Device­ - A fee of $250 will be collected for a lost device and a parent/guardian meeting with an administrator will be required. Devices reported as stolen outside of school require that parents notify police and provide a copy of an official police report to the school administration.

    How are Chromebooks protected against damage?

    Each Chromebook has been issued with a protective cover. Solon City School District provides a service plan for Chromebooks. Each school maintains a service desk. If a Chromebook breaks, no matter the cause, it should be brought to the service desk. The service desk is equipped to quickly provide students with a new device, or fix the existing one, limiting an interruption to time in class.

    What happens if my child forgets his or her Chromebook?

    The Chromebook will play an integral role in classroom instruction, so it is extremely important that students bring their Chromebooks to class every day. If a student forgets his or her Chromebook, specific procedures and expectations will vary from school to school.

    Will Internet filters be active outside of school?

    No. Currently our Internet filters are only active on school grounds. Parents/guardians are responsible for taking the necessary precautions for Internet safety with your student. Solon City School District provides Internet filtering on the district’s network.

    Chromebook Device Use

    What is Google Apps for Education?

    Applications for your Chromebook are installed from the Chrome Web Store. You can find Chrome apps, extensions, and themes in the Chrome Web Store, an online marketplace featuring both free and paid downloadable content.

    What can be installed on a Chromebook?

    Applications for your Chromebook are installed from the Chrome Web Store. You can find Chrome apps, extensions, and themes in the Chrome Web Store, an online marketplace featuring both free and paid downloadable content.

    What is a Chromebook?

    A Chromebook has a traditional physical shape of a laptop but does not run a traditional operating system, like Windows. Chromebooks run Google's operating system; the Chrome operating system is built for the web, security and Chromebooks.