• You are required to have the following materials with you daily:

    • A portable storage device
    • A small (9" x 12") personal whiteboard and whiteboard markers
    • A Writing Utensil
    • A Notebook, Folder, or Binder in which to keep handouts
    • Personal Headphones


    Additional items that I will collect at the start of the school year for classroom use:  *NOT APPLICABLE FOR 2020-21 until further notice.

    • A box of tissues.
    • Choose ONE of the following:  a deck of cards; a collection of 8-10 small objects you no longer use/want at home (this can be any appropriate object - a washer, springs, old basic toys, safe tools, a yoyo, string, yarn, craft supplies, unused ballons, toilet paper rolls, etc -- basically anything in your junk drawer that is safe and appropriate); a box of quart size Ziploc bags; a package of 3 x 3 Post-It notes; Legos you no longer want and can donate.