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College Credit Plus (CCP) CCP Steps for 2020-2021 SMS Students/Parents interested in the College Credit Plus Program may review this document to learn more about the program and the application process. Credit Plus Application Steps for 2020-2021.pdf
Counseling Resources Hotlines and Helplines Resources for students and families in need of social/emotional support. resources/Hotlines.docx
High School Courses SHS Program of Studies 2020-2021 The SHS Program of Studies provides information about high school courses, graduation requirements, and policies and guidelines for course planning at SHS.
LifeAct in Health 8 Classes LifeAct Info Sheet Information regarding the LifeAct Suicide Prevention Program in health 8 classes/Life Act Info Sheet 1.pdf
LifeAct in Health 8 Classes LifeAct Middle School Agenda An agenda showing the topics covered during LifeAct Suicide Prevention presentations in Health 8 classes in health 8 classes/Life Act Middle School Agenda.pdf
LifeAct in Health 8 Classes LifeAct: Letter to Parents of Students in Health 8 Classes A letter to parents to share information about suicide prevention presentations in health classes during second semester of eighth grade. in health 8 classes/LifeAct Parent Letter re Presentations in Health 8.pdf
Remote Learning Google Classroom Guide How to access and use Google Classroom - for Solon Students and Parents Clrm Guide for Parents and Students MAR 2020.pdf
Remote Learning Online Learning: Tips and Strategies Tips and strategies to support online learning in April 2020 - for SMS Students and Parents Online Learning Tips and Strategies APR 2020.pdf
Remote Learning Wellness Resources for At-Home Time Collection of Resources from the K-8 School Counselors for Students Parents SPR 2020.pdf