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7th to 8th Scheduling G8 Course Selection Sheet for 7th Graders Course selection sheet for current 7th graders to indicate choices for 8th grade classes for 2019-2020
8th to 9th Scheduling G8 Scheduling Packet for 9th Grade Eighth Graders were given this packet during a scheduling presentation on January 9, 2020. Packets are due on February 19th, 2020 when students will input course selections online in classes with assistance from visiting SHS Staff. CourseSelection.pdf
8th to 9th Scheduling Ninth Grade Orientation PP January 2020 Eighth Graders attended a scheduling information session on January 9, 2020 at SMS with Mr. Nowak, SHS Counselor. An orientation program for both parents and students will be held on January 23, 2020 at 6pm in the SHS Auditorium. Parents will view the power point during the presentation by SHS staff while students get to explore options clubs, sports, and the arts with SHS staff members and students. Orient PP January 2020-2021 Final.pptx
8th to 9th Scheduling SHS Program of Studies 2020-2021 The SHS Program of Studies provides information about high school courses, graduation requirements, and policies and guidelines for course planning at SHS.
8th to 9th Scheduling Scheduling Risk Form for SHS Although it is not recommended by SMS nor SHS, Grade 8 students/parents may use this form to select a course that is not recommended for the student by the teacher of that subject area. Risk Form 2019.pdf
Counseling Resources Hotlines and Helplines Resources for students and families in need of social/emotional support. resources/Hotlines.docx
LifeAct in Health 8 Classes LifeAct Info Sheet Information regarding the LifeAct Suicide Prevention Program in health 8 classes/Life Act Info Sheet 1.pdf
LifeAct in Health 8 Classes LifeAct Middle School Agenda An agenda showing the topics covered during LifeAct Suicide Prevention presentations in Health 8 classes in health 8 classes/Life Act Middle School Agenda.pdf
LifeAct in Health 8 Classes LifeAct: Letter to Parents of Students in Health 8 Classes A letter to parents to share information about suicide prevention presentations in health classes during second semester of eighth grade. in health 8 classes/LifeAct Parent Letter re Presentations in Health 8.pdf