Science Olympiad

  •  SMS Science Olympiad Team


    Important Forms:

    Tryout Application 


    Important Dates:

    • August 29th: New Student Information Meeting in SMS Lecture Hall at 7:00pm
    • September 16th: Last Day to Turn in Tryout Form (email form to
    • September 19th: Tryout Test in SMS Lecture Hall at 7:00pm 


    • Ninth Graders must first try out for the Division B Team by expressing interest, applying and taking the tryout test in the fall administered at SMS and accepting a team placement if you are selected.  Information on the application and tryout test process will be posted on the Solon Middle School site - often in the news feed. The date for their Parent/New Student Meeting is August 29th and the try out test date is September 19th. Solon Division B, an extremely successful program taking second place at nationals in 2019, aligns best with your current course materials and experience level. If you do NOT make the Division B team, please join us for the invitational season where you can study, compete and travel with the club. Again, the only criteria is an interest in science; no experience is needed


    The team members chosen for 2019-2020 Solon Middle School Division B Science Olympiad are:

    Meena Chandrasekharan, Matthew Charney, Ethan Feldman, Aakarsh Garg, Brian Hong, Viresh Mittal, Janaki Nair, Manikantha Puram, Aparna Srikanth, Nicole Zhang, Grace Chen, Sophia Chen, Sanjana Chirravuri, Bryan Dong, Henry Frederick, Joshua Jiang, Jacob Liebson, Lyndsey Pan, Sairam Pantham, Tienna Zeng, Kyle Zhou, Victoria Dai, Yashwin Kunam, Devin Lim, Kevin Lim, Ester Lyublinski, Meenakshi Puram, Jiya Rai, Steven Wang, William Zheng, Karen Changchien, Rebecca Jacob, and Christopher Wang. 

    The above students and their parents, please report to the Solon Middle School Lecture Hall at 6:30 PM on Thursday, October 3rd.  There will be student meeting in the library after the lecture hall meeting, until 9:00pm.


    Thank you everyone for trying out. Have a great school year!