A student’s grade in choir is dependent upon attendance, effort, and talent shown in rehearsals and concerts.  Each grading period will include at least one evening performance.  All students are expected to attend these performances in their entirety.  If a student needs to leave the concert before its conclusion permission must be obtained with a note prior to the day of the concert.  In the event of a scheduling conflict with a school sponsored athletic event (game, not practice) the student will be able to choose which event to attend without penalty.  Formative Assessments (Daily Grades, Participation) are worth 40% of the total grade.  Each student will receive a daily grade worth 3 points.  Infractions such as tardiness, gum, and behavior will reduce the daily grade.  Common Assessments (Concerts, Final Exams) are also worth 40% of the total grade.  Concerts are worth 30 points.  5 points will be deducted for each infraction (tardiness, costuming issues, behavior).  Practical Application (Homework, Worksheets, Memorization Tests) are worth 20% of the overall grade.  

    If a student misses a performance they may be able to make-up some of the missed work by scheduling a 15 minute session with Mr. Lewis the week following the performance.  At this session the student will “perform” the concert selections by themselves for a grade.  The session must be scheduled for the week following the concert and at a time convenient to Mr. Lewis.  It is the responsibility of the student to schedule the make-up session.

    Any schedule conflict, which is known ahead of time, should be brought to the attention of Mr. Lewis when the problem is first encountered.  Illness, deaths in the family and “special events” which have been scheduled prior to this handout would be good excuses.  All excuses except illness must be approved one week prior to the performance.  If you know of a conflict during the year now, please send a note with the Choir Participation Sheet.

    A student’s work or job is NEVER an excuse for missing a performance.  Students who miss a performance because of work will not be allowed a make-up.  Lack of transportation, non-SHS athletic events, family dinners, events scheduled after this handout and “I forgot” are other examples of unacceptable excuses for which a make-up will not be allowed.