• AP Chemistry is a second year chemistry course for motivated students who are considering to pursue a career in science. Prerequisites for this course include general level physical and biological sciences, 2nd year algebra, honors chemistry, as well, pre-calculus or higher math course taken concurrently.

    The structure, properties, and behavior of matter are examined theoretically and in the laboratory. College level text and labs are used. This course poses intellectual and laboratory challenges to all students and is equivalent rigor of college level general chemistry and chemistry lab, and many college’s honors level chemistry courses. This course stresses hands-on laboratory experiments with emphasis on organizing and analyzing data and errors. 
    Please come to class prepared with a notebook to take notes and complete homework problems in.
    I highly suggest purchasing an AP chemistry review book. It will be useful during the course as well as for review before the AP Chemistry exam (Friday, May 13th at 8am). I am a fan of the "5-steps-to-a-5" book but there are many good review books to choose from.