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    Required Materials:

    • Your Pre-Calculus book (with an acceptable cover) or your e-book. 
    • A personal (9" x 12") whiteboard and whiteboard markers.
    • A sharpened pencil (with eraser) and a pen. Colored pencils or highlighters are also very helpful.
    • A 3-ring binder, spiral notebook, or folder with graph paper for notes and homework.
    • A graphing calculator: TI-nspire or TI-84+  (any graphing calc. is fine).

    *The following is NOT APPLICABLE FOR 2020-21 until further notice.

    • CHOOSE ONE:  Two dry-erase markers OR one dry erase eraser OR two boxes of tissues OR graph paper OR 4 “AAA” batteries (these items will be collected at the beginning of the year for the classroom).