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    For AP English 11, please bring a fully charged Chromebook, writing utensils, highlighters, paper, a good eraser, and post-its.



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    AP English Language & Composition

    Summer Reading Guidelines 2021

    A memoir reveals real-life events in an engaging way.  Its purpose is to explore a theme and share insights.  This summer, please choose to read at least one recently published memoir:  

      My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor, or
      Born a Crime by Trevor Noah.  


    As you are reading, please consider the conflicts your author experiences, the insights s/he shares, and the themes that s/he conveys.  In particular, mark discussions of 

    • Education
    • Race
    • Support Networks (for the author)  
    • Justice

    Additionally, please highlight any ideas/sentences that are particularly memorable.  



    After reading, please note: 

    1. Which episode from the author’s life resonates with you the most?  
    2. Which scenario from the author’s life will be the most memorable for you long-term?  
    3. Think of one scene that might vary quite a bit if told from another person’s perspective.  To what do you attribute this difference?  
    4. How would you describe the author’s persona, style, and voice?  


    Bring your annotated memoir to school with you the first two weeks of school.  In addition to discussing specific details from the text in class, you will complete an assessment over your chosen work. 

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