• February News

    February News

    February was a super fun month! We finished up our poetry unit and celebrated by creating our very own Poetry Slam. We invited our families and performed our favorite poem up on stage. We continued to work hard on our math skills. We are now adding and subtraction three-digit numbers. We cannot wait to see what March will bring.

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  • January News

    January News

    We have had a lot of fun this January. We finished up our changes in motion unit in science and learned about all sorts of contact and noncontact forces and their effects on objects. We are continuing to read and write up a storm during our literacy block. In math, we have moved on to adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers. We are almost 100 days smarter and it is showing.

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  • December News

    December News

    In December we started our changes in motion unit in science. We are learning about how objects can be moved in a variety of ways and how forces change the motion of an object. We are also learning to write like a scientist by making sure to record our questions, hypothesis, procedure, and results and conclusions. It has been a lot of fun designing, creating, testing, and analyzing our ideas.

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  • November News

    November News

    November was a great month in our classroom. We were very lucky to have some parents stop by to talk to us about their careers. When they were done speaking with us, we decided if their job provided a good, service, or both. It was tons of fun. In reading, we studied lots of nonfiction texts and became experts. We even created a classroom museum and taught each other about our favorite topics.

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  • October News

    October News

    October was a great month for us in second grade! We have been learning and growing each day. In reading and writing, we are studying informational texts. We are reading to become experts on topics. In writing we are showing our expertise on topics we know all about. We also had a blast at our Halloween celebration. We cannot wait to see what November has to bring.

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