• Flipgrid for Music Video Sharing

    Flipgrid for Music Video Sharing

    As we prepare for phase two of our at home learning situation, I know classroom teachers will be using Google Classroom. Because this platform isn't user friendly for music making and sharing, I will be posting to Flipgrid. Flipgrid allows students to record and share videos and music with me.

    The use of this platform will greatly enhance our learning experience together. All videos and comments need to be appropriate, kind and on topic. Students should let me know when they record if I should keep their video HIDDEN or if I can ACTIVATE it to share with the group. Sharing with the group will allow peers to view each other, share their music making experiences, and provide comments and feedback like we would in a face to face classroom setting.

    You need to do NOTHING. No downloads, no apps, nothing. Simply copy and paste the links I provide into your browser and Flipgrid will walk you through logging in. Here is a link if you're curious about this exciting platform, otherwise watch for the links in my weekly lesson slides to get started (https://info.flipgrid.com/).

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