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Mr. Kurt Gielink

Welcome to the 2023-24 School year. 

I teach AP Economics, which is a full year course, and I teach Financial Literacy, which is a one-semester course. 

All class information will now be presented to the students via Google Classroom. 

You are able to see my daily lesson plans by clicking on the class links to the left. 

AP Econ Syllabus 

AP Econ Helpful Resources



 Class Supplies for AP Econ 

*There are no specific requirements.  

A textbook will be distributed at the beginning of the year.  If you wanted to get a head start (or to keep a book at home) you can find a copy of the text on ebay for a very minimal cost. (in the past, students have purchased a copy for the text for less than $5)

Mankiw, Gregory N.  Principles of Economics.  2nd  ed. Harcourt College Publishers

 I also recommend purchasing an AP study book. There are many different publishers.  

 There are no requirements for specific notebooks or binders.  Binders or good folders are recommended because the students will receive many handouts throughout the class.  These handouts should be kept and organized in order to prepare for the mid-term exam in December and the AP exam in May. 

 Some students prefer to keep different colored pencils (or pens/markers/high lighters). They can be useful in organizing the many graphs we will analyze.

Class Supplies for Financial Literacy

There are no specific supplies needed for CP Econ.  There is no textbook.  All class content will be delivered through our Google Classroom 

Students are expected to be prepared for class with pens/pencils.  Students should keep a folder or binder as there will be many handouts that will serve as their own text/study guides.