• Mock Trial is a competitive, public speaking-based extracurricular club that blends hard work with fun team bonding. With competition sponsored by the Ohio Center for Law Related Education, the club's purpose is to provide students with an authentic experience of law-related careers and court proceedings in the real world while developing skills in public speaking, debate and analytical thinking. Throughout the year, teams of 6-8 students prepare for a trial regarding a fictional case based off of a real court case. Students choose to act as a lawyer or to portray a witness, and either represent the plaintiff/prosecution or the defendant. In late January, teams compete in a district competition against students from other high schools and work to advance to regional competition and state finals. Member fee is $50, which covers team entrance fees, a t-shirt and food.

    Advisor Name: Rob Rivera


    Meetings:  Wednesdays at 3 PM Rooms 172A, 174A, 175A, 176A, 170B, 172B, 174B