Science Olympiad

  • To create a passion for learning science by supporting elementary and secondary Science Olympiad tournaments at building, district, county, state and national levels with an emphasis on teamwork and a commitment to excellence. To improve the quality of K-12 science education throughout the nation by changing the way science is perceived and the way it is taught (with an emphasis on problem solving and hands-on, minds-on constructivist learning practices). This goal is accomplished through in-depth core curriculum training workshops and the distribution of curriculum materials. To celebrate and recognize the outstanding achievement of both students and teachers in the areas of science and technology by awarding thousand of certificates, medals, trophies and scholarships. To promote partnerships among community, businesses, industry, government and education. Students apply to become a member of the S.O. Club. Meetings are most Saturdays and every Thursday from 7-9 in the SMS Media Center.



    The team members chosen for 2018-2019 Solon Middle School Science Olympiad are:

    • Ryan Li
    • Michelle Park
    • Scott Zhou
    • Andrew Shao
    • Lindsey Maurer
    • Iris Yu
    • Aditya Roy
    • Fareeda Naduvil
    • Ferhat Yilmaz
    • Suder Natesan
    • Manikantha Puram
    • Janaki Nair
    • Aakarsh Garg
    • Nishaan Patel
    • Viresh Mittal
    • Emily Wilson
    • Nicole Zhang
    • Aparna Srikanth
    • Matthew Charney
    • Ethan Feldman
    • Jacob Liebson
    • Joshua Jiang
    • Henry Frederick
    • Kyle Zhou
    • Grace Chen
    • Lyndsey Pan
    • Bryan Dong
    • Tienna Zeng
    • Sanjana Chirravuri
    • Yashwin Kunam
    • Josephyn Liao
    • William Zheng
    • Steven Wang

    The above students please report to the Solon Middle School Library at 6:45 PM on September 27There is also a parent meeting (mandatory) for all the students listed above: on September 27th at 8 PM Solon Middle School Lecture Hall.

    Thank you everyone for trying out. Have a great school year ahead!