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    If you have questions, you can reach us at (440) 349-6250 or 

    Lisa Shirkey, Transportation Supervisor

    Sheri Miller, Routing & Dispatch

    Sarah Hughes, Transportation Secretary

    Student safety is our number one concern. During bus route travel, our transportation team is monitoring routes. If you have a non-emergency question or concern, we recommend calling or emailing us before or after peak bus travel times. 


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    Most recent updates from the Solon Transportation Department...


    Solon High School Bus Ridership Survey for 2019-20 School Year

    As we start the process for creating high school transportation routes for the 2019-20 school year, we are asking for your help to let us know if your Solon High School student will be riding the bus next year. Some students never ride the bus to or from school, yet we include them on our bus rosters each year. Identifying which students will actually ride the bus helps us improve our efficiency, more effectively schedule bus routes and maintain a positive, safe experience for your child. 

    Use the link below to complete the ridership survey. By completing this survey, you are not giving up your student’s ability to ride the bus in the future. If you decline ridership now and circumstances change at any time during the school year requiring your child to ride the bus, you may contact the Transportation Department two days prior to when your child needs transportation and we can easily make the change. 

    Accurate ridership numbers are very important to us for many reasons, including helping with traffic congestion and ensuring students arrive safely and on time to school and back home again. 

    Thank you in advance for completing this survey for EACH of your children at the high school by May 24.








    Solon Schools Private School Bus Ridership for 2019-20

    This survey will help us better optimize our bus routes for the upcoming school year. Bus routes for Solon students attending non-public schools will be published in August. If your child lives in Solon or Glenwillow and will be attending a private or parochial school for the 2019-20 school year, please complete all fields in the following form. Thank you in advance.

    Click HERE to complete the PRIVATE SCHOOL Bus Ridership Survey











    2018-19 SOLON BUS ROUTES

    No bus passes for play dates or after-school schedule changes can be issued until Sept. 11.

    Any requests for stop location changes must be made by completing the following change request form:

    Solon Schools Bus Stop Change Request 2018-19



    Solon High School Bus Routes for 2018-19 UPDATED 8-17-18

    Solon Middle School Bus Routes for 2018-19 UPDATED 8-17-18

    Orchard Middle School Bus Routes for 2018-19 UPDATED 8-17-18

    Lewis Elementary Bus Routes for 2018-19 UPDATED 8-17-18

    Parkside Elementary Bus Routes for 2018-19 UPDATED 8-17-18

    Roxbury Elementary Bus Routes for 2018-19 UPDATED 8-17-18

    Mid-Day Preschool and Half-Day K Pick Up and Drop Off









    All school-year change requests for Day Care Bus Transportation for before- or after-school care must be made by submitting the online Day Care Transportation Request Form. 

    Please remember that day care transportation is not guaranteed. 

    2018-19 Solon Day Care/Special Transportation Request Form





    Solon Schools' Private School Transportation Reimbursement Request Agreement 2018-19