• The purpose of the Yoga Club is to work to bring this practice of mind-body awareness and growth to students who enjoy yoga and do not belong to a studio.  This club will explore the relationship between physical progress and self-awareness.  Our meeting will not only provide a platform to practice and learn yoga, but will also be a community where participants can share their interest in yoga with like-minded individuals in the same age range.

    Advisor Name: Melissa FitzGerald

    Advisor E-mail: melissafitzgerald@solonboe.org 

    Meetings: We plan to meet weekly every Thursday at 3:00 p.m. in the Wellness Center.

    We will resume with yoga next Thursday (November 3) at 3:15!

    Anyone still interested in joining yoga club, please email or see Mrs. Fitz. All are welcome! See you next Thursday in the wellness center!