Mrs. Foley

Grade 4 Learning Targets

   Interpreting Characters Learning Targets
   Reading History Target Lesson Alignment
   Reading the Weather Reading the World Learning Targets
   Unit 1 The Arc of a Story Lesson Alignment
   Unit 2 If Then ... Historical Fiction Learning Targets Lesson Alignment
   Unit 3 Boxes and Bullets Learning Target Lesson Alignment
G4 Unit 01 Earths Surface
   G4 Earth's Changing Surface Success Criteria
   Learning Tagets
G4 Unit 02 Earth Living History
   Learning Tagets
G4 Unit 03 Part 1 Matter Thermal Energy
   Learning Tagets
   Thermal Success Criteria
Social Studies
G4 Unit 00 Mapping
   Mapping Success Criteria
G4 Unit 01 Early History
   G4 Early History Success Criteria
G4 Unit 02 Birth of the US
   G4 Birth of the US Success Criteria
G4 Unit 03 Formation and Expansion
   G4 Expansion and Formation Success Criteria
G4 Unit 04 Democracy
   G4 Democracy Success Criteria
G4 Unit 05 - Changes in Technology
   G4 Changes in Technology Success Criteria