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    One2One at Solon City Schools

    • The Solon City Schools One2One program will provide students with Chromebooks to use at school and home.  At the beginning of the 2016-17 School Year Grades 7-10 will be provided with Chromebooks.  By the 2017-18 School Year both Solon High School and Solon Middle School will become completely One2One.


      At the same time, the district will repurpose existing laptop and Chromebook carts to expand in-school technology access for students in grades K-6 and 11-12.

      Chromebooks will not be issued without a signed Usage Agreement.

      Why One2One?

      More engaged learners
      Research has shown that students involved in One2One programs are more engaged in learning activities and have fewer disciplinary problems.

      Better technology skills
      Students in the laptop programs demonstrate significantly better technology skills.

      Cost efficiency
      One2One programs provide opportunities to reduce costs for textbooks, paper, assessments, and other technology expenses.

      Increased quality and quantity in writing
      Students write more and better when using laptops rather than pen and paper.

      Greater student collaboration
      Students demonstrate improved interpersonal skills and teamwork when collaborating with laptops.

      Better monitoring of student progress
      Teachers and students can monitor learning in more varied ways through One2One technology.

      The Potential

      • Increased achievement and student engagement
      • Expanded learning and communication beyond the classroom
      • Increased opportunity for authentic learning
      • Better preparation for tomorrow’s workplace
      • Students become more efficient producers and publishers

      Some content adapted with permission from Sycamore City Schools.